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Public Relations & Community Outreach

A good public relations strategy is your megaphone to the world. Your business or organization relies on expert communication to the public to:
  • Promote community initiatives
  • Educate the public
  • Address crises
  • Mobilize support 
Grand River Agency strategizes and launches successful PR and community outreach campaigns.
The public deserves to know what you’re up to. You deserve to reach your audience — without paying the media to play. Paid advertising may seem the most direct way to eyes and ears, but being featured in renowned local, regional and national news outlets often packs a more powerful punch. Public relations allows your business or organization to reach your audience organically. 

Great PR Builds Your Sphere of Influence

Strong PR campaigns build a narrative around your efforts. Choosing earned media vs. paid ads puts credibility behind your community outreach strategy. 
Make the news. Chime in on the news. Become the news. Use established media channels to amplify your message and promote your organization. 
PR is great storytelling — great stories told at opportune times. But it’s more than the occasional press release. Your organization can:
  • Produce hard news, perhaps a new product launch or key staff promotion.
  • Promote human interest, like an intriguing story on a family positively impacted by your community program
  • Submit opinion columns and editorials, offering expert insights into your audience’s needs.
  • Explain proprietary data, surveys and research, educating the public, stakeholders and clients.

A PR Strategy That Gets Results

We learn your outreach needs and research appropriate media opportunities across platforms from newspapers and digital news to TV and vlogs. We work with you to refine a narrative, build media relations and reach your target audience. 

Contact us here or email Grand River Agency President and Founder Kelsey Boudin at kelsey@grandriveragency.io

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